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Graduated geologist, research fellow, researcher Olga Dietl

Olga Dietl (1997 – until now)

Olga Nikolaevna Usychenko / Usytschenko / Usytchenko (1980 – 1997)

Olga Nikolaevna Wolkowa / Volkova (until 1980)

Keywords: geology, paleontology, calcareous algae, brachiopods, medicinal plants, history geology, Cambrian, Precambrian, Vendic, Jurassic, Jurassic system, Permian system, Russia, Germany, Leningrad Technical School of marine electronic gadgetry, LTMP, All-Union Scientific Research Institute for Geological Exploration, VNIGRI, Leningrad State University, LGU, Geological Faculty, Natural History Museum Stuttgart, SMNS, geologist, paleontologist, consultant.

Publications, collaboration or participation in works

1972 – 2021

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1. Certificate of authorship, the author's invention O.N. Wolkowa: Tunik M.A., Wolkova O. N. (Coautor) Electrical terminator 50 ohm (№ 74-1563). – Leningrad, VNIIRA / Moskow, NIIEIR, 1974 : 2 p. Description: A special, extra light resistor - a two-pole passive electrical component to implement an ohmic resistance in electrical and electronic circuits for use in aircraft construction. [The invention was introduced by O.N. Wolkowa into production at a at the instrument-making factory in Kiev in 1973-74.] (in Russian)

Download: 1974-Wolkowa-O-N-Tunik-M-A-patent.pdf

– Diploma thesis by O.N. Wolkowa, 1972: A scheme of the device for converting electrical signals to control aircraft light identification signals with four inputs and four outputs was invented, developed and created. Instrument drawings were created. The prototype of the device was made under the supervision of O.N. Wolkowa in the manufactory of VNIIRA (Leningrad), was independently tested and presented in the original together with drawings in defense of the diploma. The above described invention was used in this project. (Fig. The device looked something like this.)


– Wolkowa O.N. Detailed description of the profiles and collection of paleontological collections. Collection of a complete collection of Perm brachiopods during the 1979 expedition: Kolyma-Omolon massif, Magadan region. On this basis, a part on brachiopods was written in the reports of N.I. Karavaeva and V.G. Ganelin. A small part of the collection was used for writing the diplome-thesis of O.N. Wolkowa, 1980. (in Russian)

– Wolkowa O.N. Diploma thesis on the stratigraphy of Permian sediments and Rhynchonellida of the Kolyma-Omolon massif of the Magadan region with a description of profiles, a one new brachiopod species and intraspecific variability of an already known species. Leningrad State University (LGU), Faculty of Geology , Leningrad, 1980. Final performance: June 1980. (in Russian)

– Profiles and collections materials have been used in publications:

– Karavaeva N.I. and Ganelin V.G. Report on topic 982 "Zonal stratigraphy of Permian deposits in the North-East of the USSR" 1979-1981. – Geological report. SVPGO "Sevvostgeologiya", TsKTE, 1981, Magadan. 205 p., 40 p., 23/23 g., 1 book., 1 p. (in Russian)

– Karavaeva N.I. Report on the topic No. 1030. Microfaunistic study of the Upper Permian deposits in the reference sections along the creek. Vodopadny and r. Russian-Omolonskaya for large-scale mapping. – Magadan, TsKTE, 1984. (in Russian)

– Karavaeva N.I. Report on the topic 1097. Study of the stratigraphy of the Upper Paleozoic and Triassic in the western part of the Gizhiginsky trough and at its junction with the Omolon massif for the purpose of geological mapping. Magadan, TsKTE, 1989. (in Russian)

– D.S. Kashik, V.G. Ganelin, N.I. Karavaeva et al. Reference section of the Permian Omolon massif. – Leningrad, "Nauka", Leningrad branch, 1990. 198 p. (in Russian)

– Ganelin V.G., Byakov A.S., Karavaeva N.I. Biostratigraphy of the Permian deposits of the Omolon massif. // Reference section of the Permian of the Omolon massif. – Tr. MSC. T. 21. 1990, pp. 15–28. (in Russian)

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